New Succinct Training Methods

Master Stephen Thomas has created a revolutionary streamlined training method from tai chi chuan and other secret martials arts to reduce the time that it takes to master the art of self defense. Through 30 years of training, 16 gold medals in push hands, testing these techniques against many martial arts styles he reduced all of the time consuming practice methods that have no benefits to the practitioner. It is stated in many tai chi books that it can take 18 years to learn tai chi chuan and still you may not master it. Well how many of you have 18 years to master a martial art? You will be too old to defend yourself by the time you master it. This never made sense to the master but most people are afraid to question things that clearly do not make sense. It is much easeir to continue to do useless practice. You do not want to find out the hard way. Self defense and sport karate are two different things completely.

Our purpose is to teach you true tai chi chuan from an old school perspective. One that will allow you to use it for real situations. Master Thomas is a push hands specialist winning 16 gold medals in major tournaments. Sign up for our online tai chi chuan and push hand lessons.

What We Are Offering

We are offering a completely new and revolutionary online training method starting at only $39 a month. You will receive training material including text, videos, and more based on your rank. You will only be able to see the material up to your current rank. If you are a green belt you can access training material up to green belt including yellow, orange and white belts. Once you are proficient you can test for you next level belt. When you pass you will move to the next rank. No dvds to fool with. All material can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a simple browser. Can't get any easier.

Current students who are using these techniques, and in a short period of time, have won gold medals in push hands matches, 1st place in brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments and more. Doctors are teaching these techniques to their patients and the list goes on.