Master Stephen Thomas Training Bio

The Beginning

Master Thomas started his training in 1977 with family members who trained under Master Yung-Ko-Chou from Manchuria in Yang style tai chi chuan. This Yang style was self defense oriented not the average Yang you see today. He grew up in the projects in Pittsburgh, Northview Heights. Their flower tai chi will get your butt kicked quickly. The art was tested very often in the era against boxing and street fighting. At that time "jacking you up" was the norm. Master Thomas would spar for hours in a day with siblings testing out the new art.

Master Thomas trained in a Chinese Kempo school for a short period of time with Sensei Greg Benton. Master Thomas also studied Ho Chin Pai kung fu with Sifu Tony Haddad in Oakland, Pittsburgh. Master Thomas studied White Dragon kung fu with Ernest Rothrock in Pittsburgh.

One day Master Thomas was reviewing kung fu forms with a classmate (Special Forces) in an Oakland laundry matt after kung fu class. He ran into a small Chinese guy new to this country. The chinese guy asked "Do you know kung fu?" Master Thomas invited him to apartment to show our skills and offered to trade kung fu techniques. Little did he know that he was talking to a renown master from mainland China. They proceeded to show the unknown master their kung fu. Afterwards he demonstrated his real kung fu by having them attack him and they found themselves knocked across the apartment like rag dolls for many rounds. Master Thomas has never seen or felt this type of explosive power in his life. After being knocked off his feet, over furniture, into corners he thoroughly convinced that this man was just bad (as in good). This type of power which we know today as fajin. What started out as a trade turned into how much do you want to teach us. Master Thomas knows a good opportunity. They started taking classes immediately the following Saturday. Why waste time. This unknown was master Luping Zhang. Master Thomas was his first american student and trained with him for 12 years. Master Luping Zhange just happened to go to the same college Carnegie Mellon University. Master Thomas studied Tan Tui, Sing I, Wah Mountain, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Yang and Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Chin na, and much more from master Luping Zhang.

Master Thomas studied with Grandmaster Chen Liang Huang for a solid year of private classes. Then trained with sifu Rick Wheatley for several years. A very accomplished Lei Tai champion full contact fighter. He also spent some time training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Then Master Thomas decided that chen style was the style for him and decided to specialize in it. Master Thomas studied with master Wang Hai Jun from chen village.

Master Thomas accomplishments

Winner of 16 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals in tai chi push hands. Winner in many sparring tournament matches. Koushu Push hands Grand Champion. Winner 2 years 1st place gold in Koushu Free Style push hands. Winner 4 years Koushu restricted step push hands. Winner of many awards and trophies in kung fu tournaments back in the day.

Master Thomas currently have students who are using these techniques, in a short period of time, to win gold medals in push hands matches, 1st place in brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments and more. Master Thomas have doctors teaching these techniques to their patients and the list goes on.